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Foam, Insulation, Industrial & Philly Roofing Contractors Philadelphia City

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Philly Roofing provides a comprehensive array of both residential and commercial roofing products and services for customers in Philadelphia City, Pn and the surrounding communities. Whether you need Philadelphia roof repair for your home, business or industrial roofing solutions, we are your premier choice throughout the entire Midwest region for top quality roofing products, the highest level of workmanship, and superior customer service.
Experienced Roofing Professionals

Our roofing professionals are highly experienced at performing many different types of roofing installation projects and repair work. For nearly 20 years Philly Roofing has been meeting the roofing needs of our local and regional customers with honest and expert roofing services. With particular expertise in commercial re-roofing, we provide roof repair and restoration services to many types of businesses in the Philadelphia City area.
Commercial Roofing

When you need a long lasting and affordable roofing solution for your commercial business, we are the commercial roofing experts to call. We specialize in supplying roofing systems that involve Foam Roofing, Metal Roof Restoration and Energy Efficient Roofing. Our roofing professionals understand everything there is to know about Spray Foam Roofing, Poly Foam Roofing, Urethane Foam Roofing and Foam Roofing Insulation. Spray on Foam Roofing or SPF Roofing is a highly popular choice that is lightweight, strong, affordable, and energy efficient.
Residential Roofing

Our roofing professionals are able to meet all of your home roofing needs. We provide Energy Star Roofing systems that give you the type of superior insulation roofing advantage that helps you achieve significant savings on your monthly energy bills. We are also your roofing specialist when you need wood composition shingle roofing, wood roof tear-offs, wood roof replacements and residential roofing maintenance and repair.

Philly Roofing Contractors Philadelphia

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Serving The Entire Mid-West Region
Energy efficient roofs are proven performers! Philadelphia Roofing Systems have proven to be energy efficient in some very intense situations and under some very intense scrutiny.

Independent studies have shown that Philadelphia Roofing Systems meet the very highest standards.
Preferred “Cool” Roofing Systems are great choices because they…

Save energy

Save money

Protect the environment

Roofing Systems Earn EPA Star

The Philly Roofing Contractors is the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency’s) nationwide symbol for energy efficiency. Only products that have proven energy efficiency are awarded the star. Preferred Roofing only uses products made by companies who are Philadelphia Commercial Roofing Contractors reward partners and whose white roof systems meet the EPA’s energy-efficiency guidelines. Preferred Roofing Company has determined that its white roofing systems meet the Philly Roofing Contractors guidelines for energy efficiency.
What Preferred “Cool” Roofs Do For You

Reduce air conditioning billsIncrease roof durabilityReduce wear and tear on air conditioning equipmentIncrease comfort of building occupantsLower surrounding air temperatureSustainable roofing systemsA Benchmark Performance Under The Toughest Conditions

When the Philadelphia Solar Energy Center decided to conduct a demonstration of cooling savings of light-colored roof surfacing, they looked for a product they believed would lower cooling costs during the hot Philadelphia summer. The product they selected was Benchmark roof coating used by Preferred Roofing.
Benchmark was applied to the roofs of seven retail shops in a strip mall in Philadelphia, Pn Each shop had a conventional metal roof and a dedicated direct expansion air conditioning system. Building temperatures were measured at 15-minute intervals over two summers.
The results of the demonstration showed a 25.3 percent average reduction in summer space cooling energy in the seven shops. Individual savings ranged from 13 to 48 percent.
Shop owners reported that after Benchmark was applied, they found the interior “much cooler” when opening for business. Some even increased the temperature setting on the interior thermostat to compensate for their reduced cooling needs.
Savings For All Seasons

Summer isn’t the only time when Philly Roofing systems help reduce the cost of energy. Philly Roofing Systems have a layer of insulation that can help lower heating costs in the winter. When combined with one of our light-colored roof coatings, they deliver year-round energy efficiency and help reduce heating and air conditioning costs

Philly Roofing Contractors

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OK and the entire Midwest region with cost saving, energy efficient roofing solutions. Our roofing systems have been proven to be fully energy efficient and meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Philadelphia Roofing Companies only uses equipment from companies that have received an Energy Star rating which denotes that they have adequately met energy efficiency guidelines.

The Energy Star rating system is established by the EPA ( ENvironmental Protection Agency) and we are proud that all of our roofing systems meet the strict guidelines for energy efficient roofing. Our roofing systems exemplify the highest standards of energy efficient construction and performance as demonstrated by the Philadelphia Solar Energy Center.

In a demonstration depicting the savings that resulted from using light colored roof surfacing, the Benchmark roof coating used by Philly Roofing contractors was selected. The demonstration proved an average reduction in cooling costs of 25.3 percent for a series of retail shops in a strip mall located in Philadelphia, Pn.

Individual savings ranged from 13 percent to 48 percent overall. After Benchmark was applied, the shop owners reported that their interiors were much cooler than before.

•  Reduce Excessive Energy Expenditure

•  Save Time And Money

•  Protect The Environment

•  Save Energy

Philly Roofing contractors not only provides savings during the summer in Philadelphia City, PN but also year round. Preferred Philadelphia Roofing Contractors are insulated and help to lower the cost of heating in the colder months. When a light colored roof coating is applied, the combination results in savings all year long. Contact Philly Roofing Contractors. to save money and protect the environment with an energy efficient roofing system in Philadelphia City, Pn.